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Pinnacle prides itself in the ability to match our team of highly qualified candidates with the mission, vision and values of our customers. As an extension of the organizations we serve, our team of recruiters is committed to providing our clients with the highest-caliber talent in the shortest timeframe. This allows an organization to limit downtime on IT projects caused by insufficient resources and focus their efforts on core business initiatives.

With a majority of our recruiters possessing an IT background, our staff is well-versed in the qualifications needed for contract staffing and long-term IT projects. No matter the extent of the contract, Pinnacle ensures that the skilled professionals we place in each organization will collaborate well with its teams and fit into organizational culture.

Direct Placement Services

In the Trenches

In a competitive job market, hiring managers struggle to find top talent to lead key business initiatives. While contract or contract-to-hire roles are often part of a workforce management strategy, some positions require an immediate, direct placement. To overcome challenges of high demand and low supply, leaders must partner with providers who understand their business, technical environment and culture.

Our dedicated team specializes in direct placement hiring. We help you identify talented, highly experienced professionals to join your organization on a full-time basis.

Consulting Services

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Pinnacle Staffing has the expertise necessary to support mission critical project staffing needs.

Our best practices approach starts off with an assessment of our client project needs, processes, and technologies. We will then, after careful evaluation, recommend a staffing plan to support the project implementation for either the portion of the project requiring support, or for the entire project. Our staffing solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and competitive pricing.