Pinnacle Consulting Services

 Companies face multiple challenges in this global economy.  To remain competitive in a demanding market, they are constantly adopting cutting-edge technologies so as to improve services and increase their bottom-line. This technology drive has created huge demand for highly talented and skilled resources for implementing mission critical projects. To improve the profits, these technology initiatives and related projects demand optimum resourcing and staffing strategies.

IT Managers face tough staffing issues with tight deadlines for deliverables. They often have insufficient staff and/or experience and may not be able to tackle the necessary projects implementing the latest technologies without proper training.

This calls for a staffing plan/strategy to support the flexible demands of the projects during the entire life cycle using outsourced services.

Pinnacle Staffing Group has the expertise necessary to support mission critical project staffing needs.

Our best practices approach starts off with an assessment of our client project needs, processes, and technologies. We will then, after careful evaluation, recommend a staffing plan to support the project implementation for either the portion of the project requiring support, or for the entire project. Our staffing solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and competitive pricing.              


Our staffing strategy ensures a seamless integration with the client team in a shared responsibility approach to ensure project success. Regular meetings from kick-off to sign-off helps in coordination, managing T&M, and meeting our client’s expectations. Timely monitoring leads to better visibility of resource utilization and cost control.

Pinnacle specializes in providing technology and engineering consultants who are ready to roll with little or no learning curve.  Our consultants have strong industry experience, and academic background. Our professionals constantly update their skills and certifications to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you are a startup or a mid-size to large organization, we can help staff your mission critical projects with qualified professionals through our contract, contract to hire and direct hire services.

Please feel free to contact our representative for your Technology Project Staffing needs. We will be glad to assist you in developing the project staffing plan and provide qualified resources onsite/ offsite/ offshore and near-shore (if applicable).